Information about our  Creatives Campouts


What is the idea behind the Creative Campout?  The most important part of these outings, is to get people out of the city, and into nature.  The areas we visit, are typically without cell service, and that is why we have chosen these areas.  We want to spend quality time, with face to face conversations, without the pressures of social media.  Make art, not posts.   We want to create without barriers.

A Special note to the men:  Model safety is my top most priority.  I will not allow any disrespectful behaviors towards any of the models.   There is zero excuses, and you will not be invited back.  

I do not expect anyone to "work" during our outings.  We are all here to have fun, chill, and relax.  Please do so.

Photographers: Please get images to the models.  Seriously, 10 images isn't so hard to edit.  Share and Tag the models on Social Media

Models: The photographer put in a lot of work to create those images for you.  Please share and tag on social media.

Our next Creative Campout will take place Thursday October 22 through Saturday October 24th.  

The location will be at Ricardo Campground in Red Rock Canyon State Park, in the Mojave Desert.  The drive is approximately 2 hours from LA.  This makes a tolerable one day outing, if you do not wish to camp.  

The campsites at Ricardo are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, and are $25 per night.  There is a $6 extra vehicle charge.  Each campsite can have a maximum of 2 vehicles and 8 people.  The campground has running water, and pit toilets.  

If you are planning on coming out just for the day, they have day use parking available (unsure of the fee).  

I will arrive in Red Rock at approximately noon on Thursday and secure a campsite.  There is a message board at the entrance, and I will leave a note there, so you will know my campsite #

Approximately 2 hours before sunset (6:10pm), I will go hiking and will shoot with anyone at camp and wanting to shoot.  If you arrive at my camp, and I'm not there....grab a campsite or relax in mine.

After dark shooting on Thursday night.  I am bringing a blacklight, and blacklight paints.  I will also be bringing lightpainting "tools".  I will be playing with long exposure portraits, if anyone is interested.   Thursday night is a chill night....connect with nature, barefeet in the dirt, and total relaxation.  

Friday morning - I plan on leaving camp at approx. 10am.  If you want to shoot with us on Friday, PLEASE be sure to be in camp by 10am.  There is no cell service, so messaging me to wait for you, will not work.  I may plan a hike or drive to nearby locations to shoot.  This will be a group decision, and we will caravan to the locations.  

Upon returning to camp, we'll go with the flow.

Friday night - this is the night where we let things go. 

Saturday morning - Perhaps a morning shoot, or a stop on the way home to shoot at several locations I am familiar with.  We'll see who's still standing at this point.

This is a very loose itinerary.  

Direct any specific Questions to my IG:

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