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  • Steve Meier

Who Controls Your Destiny?

Some may find this picture disturbing. It is one of a very few photo's that I have posted, that had a negative reaction.

September 11, 2001 - The World Trade Centers are burning. Very disturbing images of people jumping from the building, to their certain death. It bothered me....why? Perhaps the hand of God would reach in and save you. Perhaps the fire would burn out, before it got to you. Perhaps Perhaps just do not know, so why jump?!

A few years later, I am climbing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with my good friend Marc. We were traversing a ledge, approximately 60ft above the ground. I froze. Literally, I could not go forward or backwards. I stood there...totally terrified. Marc sat on the ledge above me, laughing. He couldn't speak one sentence to me, without rolling in laughter. I felt my knees about to give out. I knew I was going to fall. I was removing my backpack, to prepare myself for the inevitable plunge. Then I regained some control of myself, and I made my way back to safer ground. I knew then and there, why those people jumped from the World Trade Center.

This image represents who controls your destiny. If faced with certain death, would you take your own life? You will never know the answer, till you see death in the mirror.

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