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Barely Visible

January 20, 2018

 I was alone at home.  It was night.  I heard my name being called...it was so faint, but it was definitely my name, "Steven"   I turned to see who was calling me, but no one was there.  I felt as though I had seen someone, but they slipped into the darkness before I could see them.  "Steven" barely audible.  I turn, and once again, a figure drifts into the darkness.  "Steven", I turn, and they are gone.  "Steven" and gone.  Over and over.  I was beginning to get very frustrated.  I woke and thought a lot about the dream.


Less than a year previous to this dream, my mother had passed away.  The voice I was hearing, was a woman's voice.  My mother was the only one who called me by my full name of Steven.  I do not know why she didn't want to be seen, I do not know the reason for her to reach out to me, but I will know in time.


I choose to shoot this with smeared red lipstick, so that the viewer would understand that the person barely visible, is a woman.  


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