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Unclean Spirit

January 20, 2018

 This was one of my most disturbing nightmares that I have had in a very long time. 


I got off work around 10pm, and decided I wanted to bag a few peaks the next day.  So, I threw my camping gear into my truck, and headed out to the mountains.  I pulled into a remote campground around 1am and quickly climbed into the bed of my truck for some sleep.


I was woken from a deep sleep, as the tailgate of my truck dropped with a hard thud.  Just as my mind began to process what the noise was, I was grabbed by the foot of my sleeping bag, and forcefully pulled from the bed of my truck.  I hit the ground hard, and the wind was knocked out of me.  I woke.


I was still breathing hard from that nightmare.  My mind gained composure, as I was sitting in the cab of my truck.  Just a nightmare...


The drivers side door of my truck flew open.  I reached to grab it, and a black misty smoke began to fill my mouth.  I couldn't breath.  I was chocking for a breath of air, and I felt my life leaving me...


I woke.  I sat bolt up in the bed of my truck, still in my sleeping bag.  Very short of breath.  It is disturbing to have a nightmare INSIDE a nightmare, but it is more difficult when you are the only one in the woods.  I did not sleep much more that night.






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