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About Me

"About Me" or more importantly, "Why Hire Me?"

I do things a lot differently.    I am a photographer, who wants to tell a story.  I want to tell YOUR story.   "An image is worth a thousand words."   

When posing or directing my subject, I do so with a purpose.  I work with my clients to create the perfect image.   

If you are new to modeling, or it is something you just want to try out.  A two hour session with me, will be extremely informative.  I'll pose and direct you, and I will explain why.  This is knowledge you will use for all your future shoots. 

I have an OPEN SHOOT policy.   Please feel free to bring a friend or relative with you to the shoot.  Again, I do things differently, so you can feel 100% comfortable during our shoot.

I love photographing forgotten and abandoned locations.  Our homes and offices are sugar coated to look how you want people to see you.  Once abandoned, these locations become raw.  I love the smells and sounds that come with these places.  The wind through the open rafters, the smell of wet wood, and the thoughts of how this place came to be in its current state.  The art on the walls, is not museum art, but life art.  They reflect the real lives of the artist, some, very talented.

My photographs have been viewed in over 20 publications.  

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