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Despite the Pain...

"Despite My Pain, I Will Push Forward"

I found this poor bird, in the trash, with a missing wing. I knew I could re-use it, so I took it home. It sat in my studio for quite some time. One day I looked at it, and thought, "Despite its injury, it continues to move on." So, it gave me an idea:

I rolled out a few feet of my white seem-less paper, and filled the birds inner cavity with some stage blood. I sat the bird onto the white surface, and began to take photos. I then created the footprints, of the bird continuing on, despite its injury.

This is about me. Since 2013 when I injured myself on a trail run, things have not improved much. And I know, that despite the pain, I still push myself forward. This image, symbolized it.

I shared this image with a customer. I told him what it means to me. He returned the next day, to tell me, that he cannot get this image off his mind. He says it has touched him deeply. It has given him a light to follow, that he too is hurt, and must continue to push forward. He told this to me, through his tears. It was a very awkward moment, when the realization that your image has touched someone so deeply, that it would bring them to tears.

The thought and meaning of this image, is that we are all injured in some way. Everyone. Yet, we have to remember, that despite what hurts us, we cannot give up, we cannot give in, and we must continue to push forward. "Despite My Pain, I Will Push Forward"

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